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Need a logo? 
Create unlimited beautiful logos for yourself and your clients the easy way. Welcome to Logozign, the ultimate logo maker. 
New in version 0.0.3
This early May 2018 we introduced version 0.0.3 of Logozign which brings in two major updates
Save your logos
All your logos, in one place. 
Need to update your logos? You can now save them in your dashboard and come back to edit or download them at any point in the future. Start building your own logo collection for yourself and your clients today!
SVG Upload
Simply click on the Upload SVG button and upload your own icons.
You can now upload your SVG files to Logozign and add them to your logo composition. You may also resize and change the colors of SVG files. Perfect if you want to import SVG files from free online libraries or from Illustrator
The Pain-Free Logo Creator
Logozign introduces new technology that makes creating your own logos a breeze. Combine it with Youzign, Mockzign and Gifzign for the ultimate brand building experience. 
😓 The Problem With Logos
Whenever you or  your clients want to start a new brand logos come in the equation... Problem is they are not easy to make and often very costly. 
😎 Our Approach
We spent the past few months breaking down what makes the essence of logos... And we found a simple formula that makes logo creation a breeze for anyone, regardless of skills.
🏆 The Logozign Solution
Logozign streamlines the logo design process with a simple UI that gets you results in no time. Plus we won't charge you per logo so you'll save big money over time.
Easy Logo Design
Logozign creation wizard generates dozens of design possibilities in real time for you. Start by selecting your theme based on color psychology. 
No Designs Skills Required
Then simply choose from different pre-defined logo styles such as monotypes logo, icons, brands, marks or emblems.
Millions of Possibilities
Thanks to a huge icon library and dozens of fonts and colors, create millions of different logos from inside Logozign. 
Instant Real-Time Live Mockups
Bring your logos to life with free downloadable instant previews.
The First Logo Tool Built On The "Golden Ratio"
The Golden Ratio is a common mathematical ratio found in nature which when applied to designs can create really pleasing natural looking compositions that simply blends to reality. It is called the Golden Ratio. Other names for it include Golden Mean, The Golden Section, or the Greek letter phi.

Whether you are an illustrator, an art director, graphics designer or you just knock up a piece of design once in a while, then the Golden Ratio is a factor you should consider on all your projects. Luckily, the whole Logozign user interface is built on the Golden Ratio. Fire up Logozign and see it in action.
Save $100s Of Dollars On Your Logo Projects
Forget paying per design... Create unlimited logos... for yourself and others... for life!
Some Cutting-Edge Logos Made With Logozign
Create All Kinds Of Logos
From lettermarks to monograms, the possibilities are endless.
personal branding Net Design, restaurant O Matelot, Monogram BDO,
digital marketing OPC Consulting, Jeweler Richie Diamonds, SpeedConnect, 
Software Logozign, Infoproduct Instant Online Success, Concept Store Lili Homes
Combine a brand name, slogan and an icon to create beautiful combo logos. Different layouts available. 
Is your business about your person? Easily stylize a picture of yourself easily with the logo mascot generator.
Need something more corporate? Create 1, 2 or 3 letters monograms in seconds with Logozign. 
And more!
The flexibility of Logozign allow you to create anything in between these types of logos and you'll get constant updates based on the latest logo design trends. 
Ready For Print
All logo output in 300 PPI and over 1920 resolution so that you can include them in print materials easily. 
1,000,000 Icons
Logozign is integrated with https://thenounproject.com/ to give you access to millions of free logo icons
Multiple Formats
Download your logo as spot color, solid black and white reverse. Brand kit also includes the fonts used and hex color codes.
Copyright Free Fonts
Over 87 hand-curated free Google fonts included so that you can always find that perfect font for your brand image. 
Unlimited Styles
With over a million icons, 87 fonts, dozens of colors and 50 different container shapes the possibilities are endless.
Save Tons Of Money
A designer might charge $50+ for a logo... and similar software charge up to $70. With Logozign create unlimited logos for a one time fee.
Dedicated Facebook Community Group
Because we are building Logozign with YOU in mind, interact with the entire team in a private group and share your vision for the ultimate logo creator... It's like having your own friendly development team at hand : ) 
By the makers of Youzign and Gifzign
And this time, we're trying to solve logos. For good.
Become a beta tester and join the first people using LOGOZIGN  
$119.88/year $67 Lifetime  For Unlimited Logos (Beta Special Only).
Why are you launching the beta first?
Like we did for Youzign and Gifzign, Logozign will remain in private beta until we reach version 1.0. This gives us a chance to refine Logozign with your help and create the best logo creator there can be on the market.
Why Logozign? 
Logos are tough to do. If you hire a designer it will cost you an arm. And dedicated logo software out there are overpriced (our main competitor charges $60+ per logo. We are bringing the first affordable logo creator to the market. 
Is Logozign a cloud-based software or desktop app?
Logozign is a desktop application for Mac and PC. No internet connectivity is required.
Why should I preorder today? 
Simply put, this is the lowest price you will be able to get Logozign at, ever. In fact, the price will only increase. By the time we release Logozign, it will be on a per design basis like other logo software or recurring like Youzign.
How many people will be in the beta? 
Similar to the Youzign and Gifzign Beta, maximum 1,000 people. There will be two batches of 500 spots (price will increase in between), second one is opened currently. This will sell out.
Can i send my suggestions?
Yes, if you are reading this page it means you have an opportunity to get in in the early phase of the development of Logozign. Your ideas are more than welcomed!
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