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Need a logo? Logozign introduces new technology that makes creating your own logos a breeze.


Do you wish you could create logos at lightning speed?

  • Do you constantly need logos for your new projects?
  • ​Do you lack the technical skills to create them yourself in Illustrator?
  • ​Do you wish such designs wouldn't cost you an arm?


Logo design needn't be so complex.

It's 2020, and if you need a logo today you are faced with two choices: go through an excruciatingly painful illustrator tutorial OR shell out your hard earned cash for a basic logo design with limited revisions. 

Logo design tutorials with Illustrator are particularly difficult and painful, unless you actually enjoy torture. 

  • Illustrator requires hours of training just to be able to draw basic vectors
  • ​If you are thinking about creating logo designs then, prepare yourself to go through expert tutorials like the one above. And even with all the skills in the world, you still need to conceptualise and design every single element.



The alternative is to head over to Fiverr. While most providers promise low prizes, unless you get the premium gigs you will be very short of 

  • Basic gigs on Fiverr only give you 1 or 2 revisions, which is is usually not enough to get the result you are after
  • Freemium logo software will charge you between $65 for true ownership of your logos

Logozign changes everything

Create unlimited beautiful logos for yourself and your clients the easy way. Welcome to Logozign, the ultimate logo maker. 


Step 1

Choose your template or start from scratch

With over 40 templates (more added regularly) covering every local and online business niches, picking a template that works for you will be child's play. 

Step 2

Design your next logo design in minutes

Pick your font, colors and icons, and create your next logo. Upload your own SVG files and edit anytime you need it.



Step 3

Instant, real-time logo mockups

Bring your logos to life with free downloadable instant previews.

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